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Thursday, 10 October 2013

I almost gave up...

Whoa... first blog post in 6 months! Honestly I am not good at posting blogs as I have to use my ESL (English as second language).. Actually I am considering about making vlogs (of course English subtitles for non-BSL users)... hearing photographers use their first language, so why not I use BSL then?

Photo by Becky Bailey

I almost gave up my photography job in 2011 because:
1) Deaf discount
2) Look down at me
3) Other commitment
4) Not enough clients
5) Digital photography
6) My own style was judged badly
7) Slow service
8) Lack of confidence 
9) No responses with advices from some very well-known UK hearing photographers
10) I thought I was not good enough

But I decided to not give up because:
1) My fiancée
2) My Mum
3) Shooting film
4) Shooting around with Deaf shooters
5) Sharing skills/knowledge with Deaf shooters
6) Sold a lot of digital equipments
7) Keep asking only 2 hearing photographers who would be willing to give wedding photography advices - Feather and Stone Photography and Jonathan Canlas
8) Most wedding bloggers gave me some massive opportunities
9) Quit my other job (BSL teacher)
10) Keep inspired by some powerful movies and some film wedding photographers

1st row: Sophie, Grant, Katrina, Mari, Louise and Johnny
2nd row: Davy, Lulu, Diana, Becky, Adolfs and Harriette

I have seen some Deaf shooters' work, they are amazing, I believe that they are much better than most professional hearing photographers. Confidence is the key. I think there is ONLY 3 professional wedding photographers in the UK comparing to countless Deaf American photographers.. what is going on? It's true that the communication is the biggest issue when it comes to my Deafness but still I have shot 7 hearing weddings (of course some minor communication broken down but still overall were good), I don't see any problem at all... So far. I am appreciated to meet some hearing photographers and vendors because they are really lovely and understanding. We still keep into touch... Yes UK wedding industry can be sometime cruel.

Photos by Becky Bailey

Honestly I am so glad that I met many beautiful Deaf shooters as I enjoyed working and sharing skills/knowledge with UK Deaf photographers. I am STILL amazed that most of them even shoot film when we are living in the non-film (aka digital) age.

You definitely need a huge support when you are being a Deaf photographer in the big scary wedding industry world.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Style Me Vintage: Weddings

I don't usually write a longer blog but its different this time...

Remember this beautiful woman I took pictures of last year? She is Annabel from one of UK's top wedding blogs - Love My Dress. Annabel's personal photoshoot

I am so honoured (more like excited) to be main photographer at Love My Dress' Style Me Vintage: Weddings book launch party on 10th April 2013. I want to thank you, Annabel. And your friendship, heartwarming and making me smile (she is Northerner obviously) my friends and lookers, you will love her easily... and oh, she is an inspirational woman too, I really appreciate her important tips... I admit that she is very brave to choose me as a brilliant film photographer. When you are being yourself, you are just good.. simple as that. Despite we are living in the digital world, I would like to see more more more UK wedding film photographers. I believe some of my true friends will be good wedding photographers soon..

I am grateful of being a sponsor of her bokehiful wedding blog. You can check my features Manuela & Stephanie Indie & Greg on her blog.. I am also looking forward to working with the team at the Style Me Vintage book launch party - follow them...

Author: @LoveMyDressBlog 
Publisher: @Anovabooks 
Venue: @trumanbrewery
Photographer: @AshtonJP
Event planner: @cranberrybwed
Photo booth: @Photo_Emporium 
Entertainment: @Vintage78DJ 
Venue styling:  
Hair styling:  
Make up:  
Audio and lighting:

Did I say I have her Style Me Vintage book? Yes its really good.. You can't not buy her book if you are so into vintage and weddings. Don't forget to show a picture of a book with #SMVWed and tell your friends that!

You will see SMV party pictures soon...

Thursday, 7 February 2013