Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I found some articles through Google, so I used some tips to help Deafies and hearies out!

Without BSL interpreters, Deafies won't enjoy at all apart from great food or free goodies. Interpreters have to be confident, thoughtful and friendly.. you wouldn't bring a smelly, ungrateful interpreter eh.

Deaf people (except hard of hearing) can't hear clapping, so waving!

It keeps Deaf people entertained! As for Deaf culture, story-telling is good for them!

Yes most Deaf people love to dance and listen music! Bass is a must! Check the music wedding blog - We Plan, You Play if you are stuck for music ideas!

Of course, dim light would be perfect but can be difficult for Deaf people, natural lighting through the big windows would be nice! Unfortunately there are not enough lamp-posts at wedding receptions.. 

One way for hearing & deaf guest to communicate without using an interpreter is to use a small notepad & write back and forth. Why not mobile too?

Deaf photographers (like me!) there are many Deaf stylists, Deaf make-up artists, Deaf chefs....

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Featured on We Plan, You Play

One day before I was off to the Down Under, I was in East London photographing wedding bloggers on a retro rooftop (more like LA-style!) for a bokehiful We Plan, You Play blog promo shoot. Who are bloggers? That’s Josie from Savoir Weddings & Charley from London Bride; they are so cool! It is such
an honor to have my images on We Plan, You Play AND UK’s greatest wedding blog Rock n Roll Bride!

For those of you who are music lovers, you must check this blog if you are stuck for ideas!

Josie cooked us an amazing shepherd pie after the shoot! Watch out, Gordon!

About We Plan, You Play

We Plan, You Play is the collaborative project of two music loving wedding planners, stylists and bloggers: Charley of London Bride and Josie from Savoir Weddings.

Each month We Plan, You Play bring you a playlist of 25 songs to inspire the soundtrack for your big day. We've not listed the songs into categories it's simply a playlist of the kind of music we'd like to hear played at weddings, even our own.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Amy + Andy

They are great! Love in the air..

Friday, 13 May 2011

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Eve + Gary

They are so full of love! :) I am looking forward to capturing their wedding this summer! :)