In case you dont know who Ashton Jean-Pierre is, he is that, simple as! His personal life is really the same as the next person - he loves to chill on the couch, watch TV, cook scrumptious (and too much) dishes and lurk online. He may not hear any noise he makes but sometimes listens to his fiancee!
He has been shooting digital for 3 years and he is a 100% film shooter (oh yeah film is still alive). He first used a film camera when he was 13 while getting a Scout badge actually! He got his first SLR camera at 17 from his mother for Christmas but he found it hard to use and his confidence was knocked when he’d get back rolls of film that were full of blurry, over-exposured or under-exposed images. Plus it was very expensive for a 17 year old to keep getting film developed!

My approach is all about making you comfortable and relaxed, even on a day as stressful and fast paced as a wedding. It's easy to let the details of your wedding fly by. My style is all about noticing those details and capturing them in a subtle yet beautiful way. I love slowing things down and allowing you to enjoy the significance of the first moments as a newly wed couple. 

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